Hello there!
Thank you for accidentally clicking this site. But I ought you will never regret reading my entries. I am not saying I am expert in writing pieces, I am saying I can help you ease what you are feeling right now. I write not just to express what my heart whispers, I write to encourage low-spirit. My shade is mixed brown, black and white but that does not mean I am sad. I once suffered from deep lamentation. Now, I am happy. 😀 I just believe those colors attract lonely individuals. I inspire to light up faded colors. I inspire to spread love and joy.
My name is Edelyn Charita Unay. I live in the Philippines. My hobbies are so many. I am a thrill seeker; I love adventure. My greatest dream is to travel around the world and explore outer space. I like reading and writhing. I compose songs, poems and so on. It helps me enhance my communication skills. I work as a Radio Disk Jockey. I enjoy it a lot. And that’s it for now. Hope you would know me better by simply checking out my writings. Thank you and see you later.


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