A Letter From Unknown


I know everything about you. Nobody cares for you. The world leaves you easily. Your best friends you trusted the most betrays you. They laugh when you cry. They celebrate when you fall. Still, you offer your love. You give anything they ask. You are willing to sacrifice even your life. You prioritize them, but you are just an option. You are nothing but an option. Remember, when you fall down, come to me. Seek my presence. Talk to me. You can share your stories. I am here to listen. I can be with you anytime and as long as you want. I will never leave you. I am always her for you no matter what because you are special to me. You are priceless. You are precious in my eyes. I love you. I am just here… bend your knees, close your eyes and you would see me. I will be with you until the end of days.


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