The Hero of heroes


Did you ever experience to be saved by the best hero of all time? What would you feel if someone will be dying very slowly just for you to be rescued from death? Think about it. Is there any that would risk his/her life for you? The world has different sorts of hero but who is really the hero of heroes?

The word “hero” has something to do with unusual bravery. No wonder why a lot of people definitely seek for personal savior, the one who will cover us against the adversary. Either fiction or nonfiction heroes, aye, they are admired by most. Imagination has no bound. The imaginary hero with an extraordinary super power and with awesome costume like Batman is highly appreciated by children. A teacher is also considered a hero. “To the world you may be just a teacher but to your students you are a hero. This quotation taken from Dr. Seuss says that teachers are truly a hero to students. They will be cheering you up when you are losing hope, offering voluntary care and treating you like their own offspring. It is true that teachers mean so much to students. According to The Book of Life, even Israelite had their hero. The child David became their hero. David knocked down and defeated Goliath, the giant Philistine who was opposing the Christians. It is so nice to know that even a young man could save lives.

We are sinners. Even the child David and our teacher are worthy  to be punished. All of us commit mistakes yet we are forgiven. Jesus Christ died on the cross for me, for you, for us to be saved from God’s wrath. He sacrificed His life because He loves us so much. Indeed, Jesus Christ is the Hero of heroes.



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